Come, Let Us Worship Together


Join us in worship in our Family Life Center
Sundays at 9:30 A.M.


Council Meeting UpdateWe will continue meeting in the Family Life Center for worship

—If you responded to our survey in August, thank you. We appreciate the feedback. The elders and council reviewed the surveys and read the comments. 

The answers about returning to the sanctuary were split 50/50; there was no clear majority to return to the sanctuary or resume activities without masks and social distancing. 

Given the feedback as well as current guidelines, we will continue to act with caution and worship in the Family Life Center, as we are now doing, wearing masks and social distancing as directed. Under these guidelines, we are able to do some things as a congregation- worship, Bible Study, Sunday School, business meetings but other activities such as Walker program, Craft Fair, are still on hold. 

Thank you for respecting the guidelines and for your concern for one another. We continue to seek God’s direction and revisit this topic at every meeting. Your faithful worship attendance and prayer gives encouragement and hope. If you have any questions, please reach out to your elder or to a council member. Thank you. 


We want as many members and friends to join us for worship as we can hold but we will follow KCMO guidelines for gathering so this will not be a typical Ascension worship service. We care for your health and well-being and are taking steps to enable a joy-filled, safe worship experience from the moment you arrive to your departure. 

We’re holding service in the Family Life Center. The church office, kitchens, and other areas of the building are restricted. Mailboxes have been moved into the FLC for ease of access.

If you’re feeling good and not exhibiting symptoms, we hope you’ll join us!

  • Due to a resurgence of COVID cases, the Kansas City area has returned to a mask mandate, regardless of vaccination status August 2-28.
  • Holy Communion takes place after the service. The pastor will approach the tables by the door containing the Holy Communion elements in order to consecrate and distribute to the communicants the Body and Blood of our Lord. The ushers direct each family group to the tables where the communicants will receive the Lord’s Body and Blood. After reception of the elements, the pastor will dismiss and the communicants exit.
  • The ushers will dismiss starting with the chairs nearest the exit.

Even with these restrictions imposed, we appreciate the opportunity to worship together. We are grateful to God for the lessons we’ve learned through this time and the opportunity to share His good news. May God bless our Ascension family and yours.