Come, Let Us Worship Together


Join us in worship in our Family Life Center
Sundays at 9:30 A.M.



Twelve weeks after we closed our church building, we opened the doors and invited our Ascension family to come together once again to worship with each other. We meet for worship in our Family Life Center, a space which allows us to host up to 100 people.  

NO need to pre-register! Join us on Sunday mornings. 


We want as many members and friends to join us for worship as we can hold but we will follow KCMO guidelines for gathering so this will not be a typical Ascension worship service. We care for your health and well-being and are taking steps to enable a joy-filled, safe worship experience from the moment you arrive to your departure. 

Because things will be different, we want to be as transparent and clear as we can about the differences so you can decide if you’re comfortable being together for worship in this setting. 

We’re holding service in the Family Life Center and restricting access to only that room, the 3 entry areas and hallways and restrooms nearby. The church office, kitchens, mailboxes, and other areas of the building are off limits. 

If you’re feeling good and not exhibiting symptoms, we hope you’ll join us!

Here’s our vision of the day:

  • WEAR YOUR MASK and plan to arrive to church no earlier than 9:00 – the service will begin at 9:30. There will only be one service and should last about an hour.
  • Arrive by vehicle and make your way to one of the Family Life Center entrances. An usher will be at the door to greet you and open the door. Again, please wear a mask. We have some masks if you forget but everyone over age 2 will be required to wear a properly-fitting mask throughout the service and while in the building.
  • Follow social distancing protocol and leave 6 feet between your family and others.
  • If you need to hang up your coat, use the coat rack by the elevator.
  • Once inside, go to the Family Life Center where metal folding chairs are placed for various family sizes. The chairs are grouped to meet social distancing requirements. An usher will be at each door to help you find a seat.
  • If you want, bring a cushion to make the metal folding chair more comfortable.
  • Pastor will lead the service from the ‘altar area’ set up on the west side of the room. Lay readers assist with the readings.
  • The service will have music! A piano has been moved into the room to accompany the service and hymns.
  • The friendship register will not be passed. You may notice ushers counting attendance.
  • Offering plates will not be passed. If you choose to give, drop your offering into the marked box near the door as you are dismissed.
  • Holy Communion takes place after the service. The pastor will approach the tables by the door containing the Holy Communion elements in order to consecrate and distribute to the communicants the Body and Blood of our Lord. The ushers direct each family group to the tables where the communicants will receive the Lord’s Body and Blood. After reception of the elements, the pastor will dismiss and the communicants exit.
  • The ushers will dismiss starting with the chairs nearest the exit. Please wait until you’re dismissed and, once you are dismissed, exit the building entirely

Even with these restrictions imposed, we appreciate the opportunity to worship together. We are grateful to God for the lessons we’ve learned through this time and the opportunity to share His good news. May God bless our Ascension family and yours.