National Youth Gathering 2022

Fundraising for the youth gathering is in progress with the White Envelope fundraiser. 

How it works: You pick an envelope off the wall with the amount you would like to donate to the youth group for the LCMS Youth Gathering. Return the envelope with that amount in it and your name and phone number on it to the offering box. The returned envelopes will be put in a raffle for a chance to win prizes. This fundraiser and raffle will be on going until June 2022. Thank you for supporting our youth. 

How to Give to Ascension

If you are able to continue giving, you have several options.  

  • Mail your check to the church (put it inside your church envelope then into a mailing envelope)
  • Use your own bank’s online banking to have a check mailed to church
  • Participate in our electronic giving program, which requires a bit of setup. To use this third option, contact Kathy Jenkins for details.