Our Story


  • How did our church begin? ¬†As a mission congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod in May 1964
  • How has it grown? Starting with worship in the community room¬†of a¬†former shopping mall at I-70 and Sterling¬†Avenue formerly known as¬†the Blue Ridge Mall, eventually moving to a house with 137 members in the original group. ¬† Our current church site was purchased in 1965; the first building completed in 1966 and a new santuary and classrooms added in the early 70's. ¬†We added a large gym and more classroom and meeting space in 1999. ¬†Church membership has grown over the years. ¬†We currently have over 350 baptised members.
  • Who leads our church? Our church is led by our pastor, Rev. Scott Lemmermann who is the 5th pastor in our church's history. ¬†Pastor Scott has been serving in our church since 2007. ¬†He leads our congregation in the ministry of the Word, officiates at marriages and funerals, teaches Bible classes on Sundays and weekdays. ¬†Ever humble, he¬†gives all praise, thanks, and glory to God. ¬†He often visits and prays with members or church friends. ¬† ¬†Pastor is a faithful shepherd to his flock.
  • What is our church's vision for the future?¬† Although our activities change, our vision remains the same, based on the great commission from Jesus Christ to His followers - we are serving God and those whom he has placed near us. ¬†