The last post seemed a little summary--even though it was long--and this next Sunday is what would have been the fourth Sunday after Pentecost or Propers 8. I say would have been because we are recognizing Independence Day on July 3.

We will observe this Sunday with Lutheran Service Book Hymns such as, Before You, LORD, we Bow, Now, Thank we all our God, and God bless our Native Land. 

We will hear from the LORD Himself, as He answers King Solomon's Temple dedication prayer from 2 Chronicles 7, St. Paul's exhortation to obey government authorities in his letter to the Romans, chapter 13, and our Lord Jesus' answer to the authorities that, yes, we pay taxes to Caesar, as God provides through government, regardless of what we think.

Am I a shameless flag-waving patriot? I would like to think so. While I am aware that governments are made up of people and people are sinners, so, too, can governments sin, the LORD uses even fallible people to serve Him in serving others. Well, He uses me, and I am a fallible sinner like everyone else, so I am not above anyone. 

Besides, the LORD of Hosts--one of His many wonderful names--uses every single particle that comprises His universe to serve Him, so it is all His, including countries, kings and taxes. And He suffers the fallible sinners for the sake of His Son, Jesus, who offers to all His forgiving shed blood from His Wounds. So give thanks to Him who rules the universe and watches over all countries, kings and whatnot. It is all His anyway. 

Considering what has recently happened with the President, the Supreme Court and the Legislature, I am encouraged by the way the LORD uses all of His hosts for the good of people. I am thankful to be here, watching with bated breath what will happen next, even if it has happened before...But praise be to Him Who watches over the universe.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.