I was visiting a shut-in at an assisted living/independent living center and as I walked in, it hit me like a cannon shot: a wave of eggnog aroma. I was like one of those cartoon characters, floating along to the source of the smell. It was a large room where an afternoon of fun and frolicking I guess would happen. I never chased down the eggnog because it was a residents' party, but it reminded me of my youth and countless times with the eggnog and other cool things we did as a family. 

We will not be slugging eggnog this year. With our state's drought, I will not be burning logs this Christmas. I will probably not be doing a lot this Christmas, and not just because of dry land or Covid or  anything for that matter. 

We cannot go back to what was. We cannot go back to the sanctuary. We cannot open up our gym for basketball or the walkers. Other groups can meet, but they are in a different part of the church. It is depressing to say the least. People are getting into a posture of safety vs freedom, trust vs mistrust, right vs left. We are divided. This is not what we are about. The church is one in Christ, but we can be so divisive, and that is what the devil wants us to do: Divide.

No, I am not some crisis negotiator. I am not some neutral watcher. I have my opinions but they will remain mine. Let's just burn up the old with the yule log, and wash it down with a drought of eggnog, and wash down some bitter sadness's, because while we are suffering some, we are not suffering like many. We are actually doing much better than many, and still hold the reins over much. But we pray for those who are suffering and not covered with the things we take for granted. 

So, with my general discourse I give thanks to God and forge ahead, because that is what we have: with the present, while we struggle, we know we have a future, not based on anything we could manufacture or manipulate, but based on One Who is our Great Physician and Lover: Christ Jesus.