Our youth are connected to the church through activities that engage across the generations.

  • meet each week for Bible Study, and
  • meet each month for planning on the first Sunday at 9:30 a.m.
  • meet once a month during the school year, usually the first Friday for a movie and occasional lock-in (overnight) at church.


Brothers and Sisters in Christ

This is our youth group for middle-school through high-school aged members and their friends.  A social time, a time for learning, a time for service and giving back -- all part of this group.  

Thank you to everyone who supported us for our Sack Lunch Sunday and Car Wash!  Check out some pictures from our September 9 fundraiser.


As Christians, God expects us to teach the next generation about God’s love and His plan for each of us.  During seventh and eighth grades, our students go through a series of classes where they actively work with the pastor to understand God’s plan; to explore how to share their faith; to learn where to find answers; and to deal with issues of fear, pressure, and competition, or friends don’t understand our faith or why we attend church services and Sunday School.

At the end of this time of study, the student (confirmand) presents him or herself to God, boldly declaring (confirm) his/her faith and belief in Jesus as our Lord and Savior. He or she then begins life as an adult member of our congregation, equipped to share the gospel on the journey into high school, college, and beyond.

It’s a moving time for the student and family, for the pastor, and for the congregation as we see firsthand how God loves and lives in this young person.