The Pastor's Perch

May. May Day. Mothers' Day. Memorial Day. The Three M's. For those younger than me, I hear it like this: Basic, Swerve and 'Merica. Basic, meaning the boring thing that you just do because you just do it; Swerve thing, meaning the mother thing is not in their lane, so they swerve out of that lane; and 'Merica, which means that this whole patriotism thing is so...patriotic. And there are probably a bunch more things the youngsters say about what we celebrate in May. So be it. Just a couple more things we celebrate, and that is the Ascension of Jesus, this year on May 10 (which we celebrate on the 9th, because, well, we are older andΒ  do Wednesdays better than Thursdays). This is a big celebration (not much bling or lit for some) but we want to be waiting for His Return--Jesus, that is--so we don't say goodbye, just Aufwiedersehen (See You Later or SYL). Acts 1:1-11. The other big celebration is Pentecost, this year on May 20. They tell us (the younger ones) that we don't understand them, nor we they, so this party is a reminder that the Lord gives us the tongues to speak and the Spirit to guide us to speak and wisdom to understand each other. The message is simple: Jesus Christ, crucified, risen, ASCENDED and returning. Basic. But not Boring. Jesus for you, now and always. GBWY [Pronounced "Goodbye"] (God be with you).