Rest Stop. When you hear those words together, what do you think? A bathroom (or port-a-john) by the highway? In a musical score, a place where no sound is heard? A movie from a decade ago? Well, whatever it means, I can remember when it meant a small oasis, sometimes lighted, that had maybe hot water and was maybe a clean facility. Now, it means an area, which has more amenities than some gas stations by the side of the road. So much for that. In God's eyes a rest stop is where He is found and you are safe. A rest stop in God's eyes is where  Jesus is found waiting for you to comfort and console you. In God's eyes a rest stop is found in His Word and in the Gifts He gives you through faith. In God's eyes a rest stop is a place where you cease from your work and let Him work on you. A rest stop like this is God's place to gather you to Him. You cannot make this rest. And you cannot ignore this rest, for in this rest of God you find peace, life and forgiveness. While we share this rest stop of God's each time we gather for worship, you can find this rest in Him through His Word and Gifts. And only in and through Jesus do we have rest because Jesus is our Rest. So, rest on, and rest on Jesus.

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