Senior Saturday 


Senior Saturday is waiting until we can gather again. Our next scheduled speaker is Linda Ward from the Center for Practical Bioethics. She'll speak with us on how to communicate your end-of-life wishes to your loved ones in a caring manner. Maybe not a topic we discuss everyday but the virus has helped re-prioritize the importance of family and the value in open, honest communication. 





  • Topics vary and usually cover one or more of the following topics:
    • housing decisions including
      • downsizing
      • knowing when it‚Äôs time to move
      • assisted living and nursing home considerations
    • healthcare and insurance concerns
    • legal considerations including end of life planning
    • financial changes
    • caregiver resources
    • hospice information
  • Informational presentation only; NOT a sales pitch
  • No cost
  • Invite your friends and family
11:00 Gather and visit in the Fellowship Hall
11:15 Light lunch served
12:00 Speaker presentation
12:30 Q&A with speaker
  1:00 Wrap up

Previous Sessions

Caregiver Resources  

Ruth Stoan, Healthy Graying, Licensed Professional Counselor (August 2019)

Ruth Stoan has over 35 years’ experience working with individuals and families through changes and transitions.
She spent 18 years working directly with seniors as a social service director at a local skilled rehabilitation center. Ruth is      passionate about helping people retain their independence, decision making and enjoy life as fully as possible. She has
developed Healthy Graying as a resource for seniors and their families.


        Hospice Care
        Laura Hartley, Hospice Nurse (December 2019)
        Laura provided some great basic information on what happens when a loved one moves into hospice care and shared
        insight and advice on how to select and work with a hospice care team.

        The ABCs of Medicare Planning (October 2019)
        Amanda Fisk, Medicare Specialist
        Fisk Insurance Agency
        With Medicare renewal season upon us, Amanda's presentation was timely as she broke down the various components
        that make up Medicare and shared what the different parts mean, supplements vs Advantage plans and more. She's
        a helpful resource! Her one piece of advice is to know that Medicare is not one-size-fits-all; if you're buying Medicare,
        have your coverage reviewed before you renew.       

        Healthy Eating for Seniors - No Kale Required! (June 2019)
        Nancy Oglesby,

Nancy is a holistic health coach, meaning she believes in a balance. She shared her advice in an entertaining and informative talk full of ideas on ways to eat the foods you like to fix and avoid falling into the trap of eating out, eating highly-processed frozen meals, or filling up with empty junk food calories. She says there's room for fun if you try to eat healty 80% of the time. Her website and blog are chock full of information.  


        Easy-as-pie-Tech Basics for Seniors (November 2019)
        Vicki Cannon, Cannon Social Media Solutions

        Vicki not only brought pie, she brough eye-opening facts about scams foisted on unsuspecting seniors over
        the phone, over Facebook. She is adept at helping seniors navigate email, online shopping, and how to stay
        connected safely.

        Estate Planning Basics (July 2019)
        Kirsten Schroader Larsen, Attorney at Law

        We had a great down-to-earth discussion with Kirsten on what first steps to take to begin planning our estate 

        Senior Planning Checklist (April 2019)
        Aaron Love, JD
        Love & Blomquist, LLC

Answers to questions about legal concerns like understanding the various types of ‚Äėpowers of attorney‚Äô, telling the family one‚Äôs wishes are regarding one's estate, etc. She is very approachable. She drafts plans for each client based on their
objectives and one that can evolve with life changes. 

House and Home

         Who Wants it? (February 2020)
         Doris Foley
         Retired educator, world traveler, piano/organ playing, jewelry-making, crafter
         Doris wears many hats and one of her gifts is helping connect people who NEED something with people who NEED
         to get something out of their house. She gave us help on how to start decluttering and find new homes for our once-
         loved but no-longer-used treasures. 

         Aging Gracefully in Place (March 2019)

          Lynn Stoner-Whitsett - Functional Home Living

         Lynn shared some startling statistics on falls (accidental injury was the third leading cause of death in the US in 2017)
         then gave us some practical advice on updating our homes  - including no-step entryways, single floor living, extra-wide                   halls and doors, lever-style handles, accessible electrical controls and lighting.  'Layered lighting' ensures lighting is
         available where it's needed. She suggested some low-cost solutions that seniors can do on their own, like a plug-in,
         motion sensor night light that gives off much more light. Great for those late night trips to the bathroom!