Seniors Matter @ Ascension  

Senior Saturday - 2nd Saturday of the month
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
next session - August 10, 2019

Attorney Kirsten Larsen joins us to give an overview of estate planning basics.

Future sessions:

  • August 10 - Ruth Stoan, Planning for change (when a loved one needs to enter a nursing home)
  • September 14 - Amanda Fisk, Medicare Planning
  • October 12 - Jeff Fisher, (Products to help keep you) Safe at Home
  • November 9 - Laura Hartley, a hospice nurse will answer questions about hospice care



  • Topics vary each month:¬†
    • housing decisions including
      • downsizing
      • knowing when it‚Äôs time to move
      • assisted living and nursing home considerations
    • healthcare and insurance concerns
    • legal considerations including end of life planning
    • financial changes
    • caregiver resources
    • hospice information
  • Informational presentation only; NOT a sales pitch
  • No cost
  • Invite your friends and family
11:00 Gather and visit in the Fellowship Hall
11:15 Light lunch served
12:00 Speaker presentation
12:30 Q&A with speaker
  1:00 Wrap up

Previous Sessions

Caregiver Resources (August 2018)

Lauren Bond, RN, BSN, MS, Director of Client Services, Care is There Geriatric Care Management

Lauren spoke on caregiver support and practical resources for caregivers:  the value of a Care Manager - a useful resource even when the senior feels they are still able to live independently, and having an advocate and remaining independent.

Downsizing - practical advice to get you started  (December 2018)

Peggy Schults, ResettleMe LLC

A practical look at what it takes to get started sorting and divesting oneself of household goods that we've collected over the years. While some think that tackling downsizing is too big a problem to start, holding onto these items (aka 'ignoring it') can actually cause depression and create feelings of guilt. Peggy shared some great tips to identify what space you have (whether you're moving to a new place or just re-organizing where you are now to be more accessible), then figure out what will fit in that space. She laid out a scheme for sorting and some ideas on getting started (give yourself 15 minutes to focus on this each day and do it slowly and steadily). One big aha! was giving ourselves permission to let go of things we've inherited or we're keeping but may not have value to us today or we may not have the room to display or store them with honor and respect. (Are grandma's quilts really doing the best good stored in boxes in the attic? Could they be put to better use elsewhere?)

Contact Peggy for information on her rates and services. This is one area where an objective person with expert advice is worth making the investment. 

Hearing Concerns Concerns about hearing as we age ( November 2018)

Lainey Lake, Au.D., owner and audiologist, Hearing and Balance Specialists of Kansas City

Hearing & Balance Specialists of Kansas City is a clinician-owned private practice specializing in tinnitus and soujnd sensitivity, dizziness and imbalance, auditory processing, hearing loss, and hearing aids.  Dr. Lake specializes in diagnosing hearing loss and tinnitus, offering her patients the most advanced hearing aid technology available.  She also performs specialized diagnostic procedures to help identify auditory processing disorders. 

Dr. Lake gave us an overview of how hearing works and some insight into the various issues seniors encounter with hearing loss such as tinnitus (ringing in the ear), dizziness and vertigo and the impact on our balance, as well as Auditory Processing Disorder which can affect all ages and causes the person's brain to have difficulty processing what they're hearing. She shared ways they test for these various conditions and updated us on the types, cost and insurance coverage eligibility of today's hearing aids.

Legal Concerns

Senior Planning Checklist (April 2019)

Aaron Love, JD
Love & Blomquist, LLC

Answers to questions about legal concerns like understanding the various types of ‚Äėpowers of attorney‚Äô, telling the family one‚Äôs wishes are regarding one's estate, etc.¬†¬†

Long Term Care Insurance Update Is long-term care insurance necessary? (September, 2018)

Dawn Crouch, LUTCF (Life, Disability & Long-Term Care Insurance), Oliver Insurance

Dawn addressed questions and debunked myths about long-term care insurance.

House and Home

Aging Gracefully in Place (March 2019)

          Lynn Stoner-Whitsett - Functional Home Living

Lynn shared some startling statistics on falls (accidental injury was the third leading cause of death in the US in 2017) then gave us some practical advice on updating our homes  - including no-step entryways, single floor living, extra-wide halls and doors, lever-style handles, accessible electrical controls and lighting.  'Layered lighting' ensures lighting is available where it's needed. She suggested some low-cost solutions that seniors can do on their own, like a plug-in, motion sensor night light that gives off much more light. Great for those late night trips to the bathroom!

Healthy Eating for Seniors - No Kale Required! (June 2019)

Nancy Oglesby,

Nancy is a holistic health coach, meaning she believes in a balance. She shared her advice in an entertaining and informative talk full of ideas on ways to eat the foods you like to fix and avoid falling into the trap of eating out, eating highly-processed frozen meals, or filling up with empty junk food calories. She says there's room for fun if you try to eat healty 80% of the time. Her website and blog are chock full of information.  

Senior Living Options (October 2018)

Troy Bandy, MHA, RN., Cherished Traditions

Troy shared an explanation of the various types of senior communities based on the amount of care needed from independent living communities to ones where round-the-clock care is provided. He gave ideas on the costs of each of the different types and provided us with a worksheet to help seniors and their loved ones compare what they're paying today in their own place to see how much they already paying for daily care. Troy's services are covered by the communities; there is no charge to the senior for his company's help. If you need one-on-one help making these decisions, reach out to Troy directly.