It's been a while since I posted. Not that I didn't want to. Many things happen in a person's life, things that take priority. Even our Lord Jesus had to take time from His busy schedule to attend to things. Not that He can't be everywhere. He could, but to test people, and to let people know that He uses the things He created to serve others, He often allowed interruptions in His ministry. These interruptions were interruptions of further interruptions. In Luke 8:40-56, Jesus is at it once again, bringing the kingdom into focus in people's lives. Here comes Jairus, a ruler of the local church, whose 12-year-old daughter is (from the last he saw her) near death. She does die while her father and Jesus make their way to the house where she is. In the process, a woman with a 12-year-old illness sneaks up behind Jesus to get healed when she touches His robe. Talk about cutting into the line! She had patiently waited and paid through the nose to doctors to heal her, and it only got worse. Desparation causes her to cut into the line, and now poor Jairus must wait while the Great Physician pronounces that her faith in Him was well placed; she is healed by Jesus. So that leaves Jairus out in the cold: his daughter is dead and he is like most of us dads, lost in inconsolable grief. Why her and not my child? Why a line-jumper and not me? The point is that Jairus was a line-jumper also. He comes swooping in and wants Jesus to drop everything to heal his daughter. But the point is that both Jairus and the unnamed woman trusted that Jesus could heal and save. They were desparate and now the Lord is there, and they in great faith approached Him. And He more than delivered. We wish He would do for us what He did for them. Often people think that Jesus forgot them because their issue, trouble, problem was not solved. They wake up each day with the same trouble, same problem. Where is Jesus? Right there, in the middle of their life. Right there, in the middle of the trouble. Right there. And that is there where He wants to be. Right next to you, not just when trouble occurs. All the time. And He answers prayers in His time and in His way. We trust Him, not to answer the prayer our way, but His way. Can we trust Him?