The 12th day of Christmas is January 6, which traditionally is called Epiphany, and signals the end of the Christmas season and heralds the Epiphany season. So what? Why do Christians keep this calendar that makes no sense to the world around them? For the same reason you might keep your calendar filled with personal stuff that seems to be useful only to you. Epiphany means revealing, illumination or discovery that has great meaning for someone. You are given a gift that no one else really understands. A member of your family discovers that they will be having a baby when they were told they could not have children. While some of this is common for many people, not many see it connecting to them. In our grasp of this event, Jesus was revealed to the outsiders, the nations outside Israel, and the magi, or wise men, who were probably astrologers from Persia or another exotic place were revealed by God that a King was born, the King of Israel. Not many people outside of them worried about that, but the phony-baloney king in Israel at the time, Herod, was enraged that someone besides him was THE KING and really the only King that mattered. The most important thing about the Epiphany of Christ Jesus was not just recognizing Him as true King, but the gifts given Him: gold, frankincense and myrrh. The first two gifts are what you gave kings to recognize their wealth, power, strength, and kingly rule on earth and as God. I could go on at length about those first two gifts, but myrrh is the important gift. It is the precious ointment that kings used for their embalming to halt the process of decomposition after death. Jesus would die--even as true God and True Man--and He would be carefully covered with it when taken down from the cross and entombed by His disciples. Myrrh reminds us of the bitter suffering and death of Jesus for each person of each time across the earth. He had to suffer for us and for our salvation as man and as God, and suffering completely, He would fulfill all righteousness and provide for us all the forgiveness and life eternal that we could not provide for ourselves, neither could we work in any way to achieve or earn. All of what He did He did alone, and we receive the free gifts from the King of everything. Jesus turns this all around: He finds you, gives you the most important gifts--forgiveness, life and salvation--and brings you through this life to the life in the new world He will make. He is the Wise man that found you. Give thanks to Him and follow Him, receiving His gifts as much as you can. If you would  like to know more, just jump in and let me know. Blessings as He "epiphanies" you.