There is that famous picture of then-president Truman holding the newspaper with the headline, “Dewey Defeats Truman”, which was premature. There was Mark Twain, who, while in England, read his obituary in a newspaper, cabled back from England, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” They got it wrong. I did too. My mother, in an earlier post, was near her exodus from this life. Well, despite her disease, she lives on, and she keeps going. She may make Easter, and praise God for that. The effects of multiple diseases have not stopped her. Easter is upon her as it is upon us all.

While Jesus rose from the dead, He did die, and all those who saw Him die, all those who saw Him taken down from the cross and placed securely in a tomb—all of them—got the shock of their lives when the tomb was empty and Jesus was walking around, very much alive, but with the death wounds still on Him. That is Easter: Jesus is alive; He is visiting His followers, comforting them, forgiving them, and assuring them that He loves them and that they are pardoned of their sins. He brings the peace that no one can bring, and He does it with His scars that remind us all that we are forgiven and loved and that we have a home with Jesus now and into eternity. He is risen. He is risen.