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Sunday Services
8:00 and 10:45 a.m.

Sunday School and Bible Class 9:30 a.m.

2 adult Bible classes on Sundays:

* Pastor leads a class on living the faith in the adult classroom

* Gary Stolle takes you through the book of Revelation.


Wednesday Lenten Services

11:00 a.m. and 7 p.m.


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Phone 816.358.1919
Address 4900 Blue Ridge Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64133



What's happening:
the Lenten season begins
Wednesday, Feb 14
and culiminates on Easter Sunday, April 1

Join us each Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. or 7 p.m. for Lenten services.

LENT 2018:
The Spirit Anointed Christ for Mercy 

This year our emphasis is on Christ who calls us to show mercy to the world around us. whether it is an individual acting in gratitude for what God has done in Christ for each of us, or corporately, as the Body of Christ, in coordinated efforts. Beginning with Ash Wednesday as one of the most solemn days of the church year, we give our hearts and lives over to serving those around us. Ash Wednesday’s liturgy marks the beginning of a penitential discipline climaxing on Maundy Thursday. The mood is penitential and reflective on our baptismal faith and life. The organ is silent before and after worship. Worshipers are asked to keep reverent silence before the service and leave the service in silence. There will be no greeting at the door by the pastor.

Originally, Lent was the time when candidates for Holy Baptism were intently preparing to be baptized at the Vigil of Easter. We, too, in this season of Lent prepare ourselves to remember our Baptism at Easter as we ritually “pass over” with Jesus from death to new life.

During this Lenten season will remember Jesus’ Baptism, His anointing with the Holy Spirit, and His words in Luke 4 – that He was anointed to show, and to be, mercy. As His people – hearing Him proclaim God’s Word and being God’s Word as prophet; seeing Him sacrifice Himself on a cross and know that He intercedes for us as Priest; and knowing that we live under Him as King in righteousness and purity – we will be reminded of our work of mercy.