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Current Bible studies

Sunday - 9:30 am

-  Pastor Lemmermann's discussion of Jesus' Subversive Teachings

-  Dave Radtke is leading a series on Law & Gospel to examine how Lutherans differ from other Christians and show from the Bible why Lutherans differ.

Tuesday - 10:00

- Pastor Lemmermann's Tuesday morning Bible Study


Wednesday - 10:00 a.m.

- Come join Walt Little as he hosts a Bible study based on video series by Ray Vander Laan on faith lessons.  Each session stands alone so attend any Wednesday you’re available.

These are the recent discussions:

     September 19When Storms Come      In this study, we’ll learn about Jesus, His disciples, His promises, and His call on us by understanding His ministry on and around the Sea of Galilee as a location for His ministry.  The significance of the sea must have been important to Him.  He performed miracles on the water, and He called fishermen to be His first disciples.  We seek to understand His ministry better by understanding this location and the cultural significance it held for the Israelites.

     September 26Piercing the Darkness   Jesus displayed uncommon love and concern for the outcasts, the unlovable, and the detested of His day.  He ministered to tax collectors, lepers, and even Gentiles with a gentle, caring attitude that became the model for His disciples and for us.  He called on sinners to leave their sinful habits, but He did so in an affirming, encouraging manner.  His reaction to Satan and the power of evil is quite a different story.  The compassionate, caring Messiah became righteously confrontational.  He deliberately left the comfort of Capernaum and the area of the religious Jews and sailed with his disciples across the Sea of Galilee to the pagan Decapolis.  Here Jesus challenged the power of the devil, himself.

     October 3The Gates of Hell                 Jesus brought His disciples to the pagan Decapolis to teach them a profound lesson.  In a way, this lesson was the climax of His teaching ministry.  From this point on, Jesus’ path took Him to Jerusalem, where He would die.  Hearing this lesson in its pagan setting adds even more impact.  The geographical setting becomes an illustration for the calling Jesus gave to every disciple who would follow Him.  Following Him means facing the greatest evils in our world.  It means we must use His methods of living self-sacrifice to meet the needs of others.  We much go in His great strength.

     October 10City of the Great King

     October 17The Lamb of God                Jesus walked from Galilee to Jericho, then to Jerusalem.  When He arrived at Bethany, the edge of Jerusalem, He waited until the next day to continue His journey.  Then He walked halfway to Jerusalem on Sunday.  When He got to Bethphage, He rode on a donkey down the Mount of Olives and into the city of Jerusalem.

That event – Jesus’ triumphal entry – stirred the whole city of Jerusalem at the time and has stirred Christians for centuries since.  In this lesson, we will seek to discover what impacted those who were there for Jesus’ triumphant entry, and we’ll examine what they may have missed so we may again be stirred by the Lamb of God.

 Friday - 10:00 a.m.

-  Pastor Stolle's Friday Bible Study


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