Adult Christian Education



Current Bible studies

Sunday - 9:30 am

-  Pastor Lemmermann examines Justification and Un-justifiable Faith

-  Dave Radtke is leading a series on Law & Gospel to examine how Lutherans differ from other Christians and show from the Bible why Lutherans differ.

 Wednesday - 10:00 a.m.

- Come join Walt Little as he hosts a Bible study based on video series by Ray Vander Laan on faith lessons.  Each session stands alone so attend any Wednesday you’re available.

July 11 The Lord is my Shepherd

  • Jesus is the Shepher and we are the sheep.  What does the Shepherd do for us?  Are we an under-shepherd, and what are our responsibilities?

July 18In the Shadow of Herod

  • Herod, the wise men, the birth of Christ, and Ruth and Naomi going to Bethlehem.  What is their relation to each other?

July 25My Rock and My Fortress

  • The story of Masada is one of the great dramas of the ancient world.  The mountain symbolizes the power of God and the protection and security He provides.  The Battle of Masada helps us understand the longing for the Messiah among the Jewish people in Jesus' time.  It also shows us why He wept because some missed the peace He offered and chose the course that led to Masada instead.

August 1The Time Had Fully Come

  • What did God do to prepare for the coming of His Son?  How did the Essenes of Qumran, Israel in the wilderness, and John the Baptist fit in God's plan?

August 8No Greater Love

  • Jesus chose his disciples; He chose you and me.  The Bible says Jesus is the groom and we are the bride.  What does that mean to you in your relationship to Jesus?



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